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United by Love, Divided by Law TUMBLR Project's mission is to promote LGBTQ equality for same-sex binational couples who are discriminated against under immigration law in the United States of America.

 United by Love, Divided by Law TUMBLR Project is a visual protest compiled of photos and videos of LGBTQ families, friends and allies who seek an end to the discriminating U.S immigration law that denies an LGBTQ American citizen or permanent resident the right to sponsor their foreign-born partner or spouse to immigrate to the United States.  

It is the goal of this project to put a human face on the situation that tens of thousands of American citizens, and their partners, are facing everyday because of the inequality of US immigration laws.

United by Love, Divided by Law TUMBLR Project hopes to educate and re-enforce that same-sex binational couples are families too. We insist that
the laws be amended to recognize our right to build and share a life with our partners and spouses together here in America.



Join the United by Love, Divided by Law TUMBLR Project from anywhere in the world!

Out4Immigration is an all-volunteer, grassroots group for same-sex binational couples. Get involved and take action so that gay and lesbian Americans with foreign partners can have the same immigration rights as straight couples.

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