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1. In photos, your sign that reads “United By Love, Divided by Law” must be visible (sign templates available here); in videos, it should be visible for some of the video’s duration. Feel free to use the additional space on the sign to describe your situation (While this site offers an opportunity for you to humanize this issue—and our goal is to sway hearts and minds—please be aware this is a public site so only include information you feel comfortable sharing publicly. If you wish to obscure any faces, this must be done prior to submission. Additionally, please be aware that your submission can be shared on from this site and may be of interest to the media).

2. Your submission will not always appear on the site right away. Once an Out4Immigration volunteer approves your submission, it will post to the site. We’ll try to do this as frequently as possible! If we reject your image for any reason, such as the lack of a sign with your statement, we’ll make sure to contact you.

3. Please make sure that the picture and/or video is work as well as family friendly

4. We ask that videos be short and that you try to limit your video to 2 minutes in length.

5. Whenever possible, please try to include an “ask” with your sign or video, such as: “Please, stop deporting our spouses!”; “Please, let me and my husband return to the US!”; “Please stop tearing our families apart!”, “Please, keep our family together!”, etc.

6. Select “Submit a Photo” or “Submit a Video” from the pop-up menu on the top of the submission box, below. You may also use the “Submit a Text Post” option to submit your link to a Youtube video.

Out4Immigration is an all-volunteer, grassroots group for same-sex binational couples. Get involved and take action so that gay and lesbian Americans with foreign partners can have the same immigration rights as straight couples.

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